Monday, February 18, 2013

Into the Light

Another layer of essence
Has been uncovered today,
The layer that covered my longing for your love,
For your recognition,
For your valuing me.

It is the root of my dependency,
The cause of my fear of losing you,
The reason for my attempts at keeping you near.

But I see now that it is not love.
It is my inner child trying to liberate me,
To bring me back to life,
To the true source of my well-being.

You are not at fault.
You have set me free.
I bless you and surround you with my love.
Because it is there.
There is no doubt.
It has been hidden below,
In my depts.

Seeing my neediness without shame,
Accepting the release from the pressure of being perfect,
I open my heart to you and to all,
And entrust us to the light.

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