Friday, August 22, 2014

Her Deepest Desires

Her deepest desires
Access to her soul,
Freely given,
At the simple focus
Of heart centred listening.
Everything revealed,
With grace.

I am moved by the honour of witnessing her life unfold,
Witnessing the sweetness and purity of her heart.

I am opened up,
blessed in the presence of God embodied in her,
Touching God in me.
Revealing the miracle of life,
And uncovering my own joy of living.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Extasy of Being

Before, I travelled through life
on a lofty pedestal of numbness.
Then, the tower came down,
as it had to,
as it was intended.

Now, from the rawness of vulnerability
can I experience it all,
the good, the bad, the ugly,
the layers and complexities,
the array of human emotion,
the subtleties of the senses.
The terrible and the beautiful existing simultaneously.

Heart wide open,
Body allowing, heaving,
Releasing tears and laughter.
The ecstasy of being.