Monday, October 19, 2009

I Am

I am a portal to the pool of life

The infinite pool

Of possibility

I do not know what will come

I just know that I am source

I have been told what I want

I have been taught what I deserve

And I got it

Now I want to find me

To allow my life force to flow freely

To honour it

To rejoice in it

To swim and embrace the waters of my birth

I am life

I am the mountain peaks

The call of the lion

The cry of the baby

The whispering forest

I am power bursting through

Breaking the constructs of my mind

Now my need for you is gone

Now my need for you is gone

And my need to give is here

I will wait a little more

Before I reach out again

You were inside my flesh

Your touches were on my body

Whenever I was alone

You possessed my mind

And left me yearning once more.

Love was there

Whatever else

I’m not sure

Is it here again?

Can we stretch beyond

And find a deeper friendship

To enrich each other’s lives?

Now my need for you is gone

I wish to touch your heart once more.

I am Woman

See me search

See me yearn

For something lost

Something I didn’t get

Or something I gave away too easily

Watch me lie to myself

Self contented in my deceit

Look at yourself

You lie too

Because of your guilt.

I am too sweet to hear the truth

Too weak, you think

See me cry for what you cannot give

Watch me walk away

I leave you longing for what you seek

For what you can never have

My mystery.