Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Surrender to the Sea

I surrender to the sea,
To the violent crashing waves
Over and over.

I make love to the sea,
Am taken in its embrace,
Submit to its playfulness and power.

I let myself go to its depts and its shallowness,
I topple, I’m thrown, I float.

I am taken by the sea.
There is no more me.

I am the sea.
Join me!

Monday, February 18, 2013

An Ancient Soul Roars

An ancient soul,
I have been trapped in the body of a maiden,
The strength of the mountains in my limbs,
The fire of the earth’s core in my belly.

I fell in love with an ideal,
And allowed myself to be shackled and chained,
Unable to even defend her well.

She is finding the key.
She is releasing me.
I fly with her above the landscape that I created with her in other lives.
She laughs.
I roar.
Fire rises again in my belly and I show it to all.

I go with her among the starving souls.
I bring warmth when they let me in.
We are on a joyful mission,
To bring hope,
To this emotional apocalypse.

Into the Light

Another layer of essence
Has been uncovered today,
The layer that covered my longing for your love,
For your recognition,
For your valuing me.

It is the root of my dependency,
The cause of my fear of losing you,
The reason for my attempts at keeping you near.

But I see now that it is not love.
It is my inner child trying to liberate me,
To bring me back to life,
To the true source of my well-being.

You are not at fault.
You have set me free.
I bless you and surround you with my love.
Because it is there.
There is no doubt.
It has been hidden below,
In my depts.

Seeing my neediness without shame,
Accepting the release from the pressure of being perfect,
I open my heart to you and to all,
And entrust us to the light.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

To be reborn

We are shrouded in clothes that weigh us down,
That make us ashamed of our nakedness,
Our neediness, our innocence.

We are shackled by them.
We blame each other for these constructs,
And use them against each other at times, like now.

Who else sees us as we are?
Those who would empower us against each other,
Know not what they do.

So I forgive them.
I forgive you.
I forgive me.
I set us all free.
I am shaking off all the yokes.
I am losing the comfort of my own righteousness.
I am stepping into waters unknown,
To be cleansed,
To be naked again,
To be reborn.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I am filled with you

I am filled with you at all times and in all spaces
I just forget.

I get carried away with the world outside you and me.
I am addicted to others,
When my happiness is here with you.

I run from you because you show me the habits that edge you out
Eating, drinking, doing, and so-called love.

I ache for you
But I think I ache for him
He, who exists only in my mind.

I am sad because I have pushed you away
I feel empty or angry, starving for your closeness.

I seek solutions in books and healers, and gurus.
When the solution is knowing, remembering, touching you, inside me.

I wish to belong, to be recognized, to be accepted,
Feel that my journey towards you is useless to the world,
Is without value, is indulgent.

Yet it is sacred work, a sacred journey
That I begin
And perhaps, one day, lead
Through art, through healing, through nature, through love.

I only have to align my thoughts
I only hurt because I have excluded you.

My emptiness is illusion,
Because I am filled with you.

Friday, February 8, 2013

I am dragon. I am maiden.

I am dragon and maiden
The dragon hides behind her
Until you ignore me or point out my pain
Wherein hides the dragon.

The maiden works so hard to serve
To be pleasing
That when you come and take from her
Without honouring her
You unleash the dragon
And it is a welcome relief
For her work is so hard
And hiding makes her so sterile

I am afraid of being me
Because of past punishment
I am afraid of seeing me
Because I might displease,
Be spontaneous, loud, sensual, fierce.

The dragon laughs
And roars,
“You have no idea who I am!”

I am maiden. I am dragon.
I thank you for seeing the power in my pain.

Friday, January 18, 2013


It’s a feeling, not a thought,
that he’s going to come home
and he’ll kiss me and say he loves me.
And the pain will be over.
And we can chat and cuddle and say
“it’s the happiest place in the world”.

A part of me is waiting for him,
the part that is sending me tears
that haven’t yet reached my eyes.

But he’s not coming.
Our family is torn to pieces.

He takes my treasures away.
I don’t see them for days.
I watch them walk away
and feel the warm tears meet the cold air.

My living heart, companion of my solitude
I hardly knew you
You show me your raw nakedness
And I find myself caring for you
Being fascinated by you,
Your movements I never knew before he left,
Before he betrayed.

Months of pain
Have turned into occasional bursts of sadness,
Mixed with new delights and strength I didn’t know,
And even some peace.

He may never come home.
But I will.