Friday, February 8, 2013

I am dragon. I am maiden.

I am dragon and maiden
The dragon hides behind her
Until you ignore me or point out my pain
Wherein hides the dragon.

The maiden works so hard to serve
To be pleasing
That when you come and take from her
Without honouring her
You unleash the dragon
And it is a welcome relief
For her work is so hard
And hiding makes her so sterile

I am afraid of being me
Because of past punishment
I am afraid of seeing me
Because I might displease,
Be spontaneous, loud, sensual, fierce.

The dragon laughs
And roars,
“You have no idea who I am!”

I am maiden. I am dragon.
I thank you for seeing the power in my pain.


  1. Has the Maiden learned how to ride the Dragon?
    Has the Dragon learned to serve the Maiden?
    Together they"d make a powerful team.