Sunday, November 25, 2012

Let us!

Let us be bound
By the magnet in our hearts
Let us be covered by a healing blanket of understanding
Let us rejoice in eachother's freedom as well as our own
Let us quench our minds with discovery of ourselves and our world
Let us leave all expectation behind except that of a hand to hold on the road
A playmate for the adventure
A hug to ease the pain of our darkest hour.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Oh Source, my healer
I lost our connection
Through fear and gratification

Yet none can take you away
I alone can honor you.
I, alone can use you.

You are my beloved.
The one who fulfills me,
No matter who I am with.

Oh healer, lover, beloved
I choose you.
I commune with you.
In the ecstasy of every moment.

Loss not Love

Heartache does not mean that I love.
It means that I have lost.
An ancient loss, dressed up in a new cloak,
The cloak of my beloved.

My ancient love, lost in insanity
Left me, ignored me, abandoned me,
When I was innocent and open.
It took me from paradise
And landed me in fear.

Years of wandering my mind and heart
Years of searching for my way back.
The love of my life destroyed by the anxiety inside.

Now he leaves me behind
Tired of the pain,
Wanting more from life and love.
And I ache for him.
Ache for the moments I did not appreciate,
Because of the empty cavern in my heart.

Now it gapes at me everytime I think of him.
And no peace is found in my day.
Unless, I go inside this cave
And find forgiveness for myself and all.
Unless I see myself naked
And only then can I truly love.

Baby Girl

She shivers,
So I surround her with myself.

She curls into a ball.
Again she is inside me.

She is humanity.
She is the planet.
She is all that is.

And I hold her in my heart.
And I love her.
And I am her.
And we are Love.


I allow healing
Through water, rock, air.
I integrate back into the essence of life.
I dissolve.
And so my pain dissolves
And so my attachment dissolves
And I am real.

Heart shaped Rock

Heart shaped rock
In my pocket,
Placed on my heart,
My head,
My seat.
Took away tension,
And released me.

Let me be a heart shaped rock!
Let me join with all that is,
And be the alchemy,
Transforming pain into new life,
That gives gentle strength,
Humble wisdom and endless love!

Purple Cloud

I look outside
At purple cloud
At dancing tree
At silky water.

I look inside
Beyond discomfort,
Beyond grasping,
Beyond yearning.

And I see.
Purple cloud
Dancing tree
Silky water.