Monday, July 28, 2014

Brothers in Light

Beautiful Brothers,
My Brothers in Light,
I shed tears for your pain,
Tears you were forbidden.

Your beautiful bodies broken
Your vibrant minds dulled
By monotony and mediocrity.

Beautiful Brothers,
My Brothers in Light,
Thank you for your caring
For our sisters, our children, humanity and me,
For your labor and your steadiness,
For all that you are -
Sacred Souls.

Beautiful Brothers,
My Brothers in Light,
A fire burns in our hearts,
That calls us all elsewhere.
It will burn our shackles.
It will draw us into dance and song and love.

Beautiful Brothers,
My Brothers in Light,
Let us hold hands,
And bravely step forward,
Into a new way of being together,
With the assurance,
That all goodness is seen, counted and multiplied,
And that we are almightily loved.


  1. Aho, which means I receive and seek to understand and agree with these words.
    Yes, let us hold hands, and step forward, being together, in love and unity.
    Let us love one another, and help heal our selves, from the traumas of the past, that we may help others heal as well.

    A few verses:

    "Like trees cut down, we bleed, in silence;
    Our stories stack like cordwood,
    Our bodies dry and age;
    In time, often in a communities hearth,
    we burn.
    Our ashes seed a new reality;
    A fertile sea and earth.
    For a re-birth...