Thursday, September 20, 2012


A taste of freedom settled on the pallet of my mind.
There was nothing to spit out in order to appreciate the taste.
There was just consumption.

It did beg the question, why?
Why today? What’s different?

I know of this taste.
I read of it in books.
Witnessed it in movies.
Like a starving child, I watched a fleeting banquet.

It is a simplicity of the mind,
A peacefulness of the heart,
A richness of the soul,
A contentment with oneself, one’s life.
It is without striving.
It is moving gracefully towards a goal,
Or many goals,
Or no goal.
It is being on one’s path.

Each step is unknown,
Each movement, an act of faith,
Each gesture supported by light, by air, by magnetism and electricity.
It is quantum.

Before reaching this fragile state,
I lived in my brain.
Logic mixed with violent urges dictated my mode of transportation
Through the landscape of reality.
Now I use light.
The yellow orange ether that rises behind the rooftops,
framed by my bedroom window,
Greets me with a smile too early in the morning,
And summons me to rise, to meditate, to breath, to stretch.

What changed?
When did I stop being hurt and upset?
When did I stop trying to fix the world and myself?
When did I begin to envelope my loved ones with empathy for their tiny woes?
Before, they sucked dry the energy I needed to make life better.
Now, I cry with them, laugh with them, hurt with them.

Now, I am free.

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