Friday, June 17, 2011

A Question

If I reach out to you, would you take my hand?
Would you travel from where you are
to explore the landscape of my mind?

Would you love me
even when you don't understand?
Would you laugh with me everyday?
Would you listen to my hopes and dreams?
And absorb my enthusiasm?

Would you hold me no matter what I'm going through?
When I call you, when I need you,
When I yell at you,
Will you be there?

When it's boring, when it's hard
When I'm tired, when you're sick
Will you still look with eyes that are
as gentle and kind as they are now?

I will take you on
I will do what I can to bring you love
to bring you dept
to bring you art
to bring you my wealth.

I will welcome your body,
your life,
I will open up to your wisdom
your steadiness.

It's only a question of you and me
It's only a question of do we? or don't we?

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